Looking for the best knife for slicing brisket?

Best Knife for brisket slicing

After hours of labour, it is finally time to slice the succulent brisket so that you can enjoy it.


However, yh1ou must be aware of the following before attempting to cut into it with just any knife:


The final product's appearance and flavour are greatly influenced by how the brisket is cut. Working on a piece of meat for more than 12 hours only to chop into it with any old knife you have lying around makes no sense.


Brisket slicing is the only purpose of the Smoke Kitchen 12′′ Meat Slicing Knife (and pork ribs, including just about any substantial cut of meat).

1. Smoke Kitchen's 12" Meat Slicing Knife is the best all-purpose knife for slicing brisket

SmokedBBQSource has experimented with dozens of various blades for slicing brisket. The more expensive ones are extremely expensive, while the more expensive ones work well but struggle to maintain a sharp edge.


Therefore, SmokedBBQSource made the decision to create its own brisket carving tool.


They finally settled on a unique carbon and chromium blend for the blade after much trial and error. This makes it easier to keep it razor sharp without having to regularly sharpen it.


Sorry if I'm using a cliché, but according to SmokedBBQSource, this bad boy cuts through brisket like butter.


The full tang construction of the knife gives it a heavier, more balanced feel in the hand. You can make a lot because you don't need to apply as much force. a more exact cut.


Full tang simply implies that the knife's blade extends completely through the handle in both length and width if you are unfamiliar with knife design.


The handle, which is light and incredibly durable, is a significant improvement over the bulky plastic handles found on less expensive knives.


Although they made this knife primarily for brisket, they've used it well on turkey breast and pork ribs as well.


It also does a fantastic job on bread and can even cut tomatoes into paper-thin slices.

Why we believe it to be the best

  • The 12′′ blade is long enough to make one continuous cut through even the largest packer briskets.
  • A blade made of VG-10 carbon chromium mix resists rust and keeps its edge longer.
  • The magnetic box is a secure place to keep your knife.
  • perfectly symmetrical and simple to hold
  • Granton edge keeps the blade from sticking, enabling you to cut absolutely evenly and without ripping.

2. Second-place winner: Victorinox 12" Granton Edge Slicing Knife 

Victorinox knives are always a good choice if you're looking for something more reasonably priced.


The knife's length of 12 inches makes it ideal for quickly slicing huge briskets. With this knife, you could make paper-thin slices with ease, but it also performs a decent job of maintaining a straight edge when slicing brisket into pieces the size of pencils.


If you've ever attempted to carve brisket with a shorter chef's knife, you know how difficult tearing can be.


Because you have to make more cuts with each slice with other knives due to their shorter length, the slices are uneven. Not to mention the uncomfortable motion that makes slicing a lot of brisket a real pain in the rear.


The hollowed-out ridges that run along the sides of the blade are referred to as Granton edges. Any fat or fluid from the meat collects in these grooves. This enables thin, even cuts without any ripping while slicing beef.

What we like: 

  • For the price, the high-carbon steel stainless steel blade retains its edge effectively while cutting into brisket-like butter.
  • For cutting through fatty meats like brisket, a Granton edge is ideal.

What we object to:

  • The Fibrox handle has a good grip, but it feels cheap and easily scratches.

The Victorinox offers excellent value for money at a fraction of the price of a high-quality chef's knife.


Even if you don't have the best cutting skills, upgrading to the 12′′ Victorinox Slicing Knife will significantly enhance the flavour and look of your brisket.

Mercer Culinary Millennia's  Granton Slicer, 14 Inch extra-long knife is ideal for slicing larger briskets


We believe that a knife with a 12′′ blade is ideal for slicing beef. However, some folks simply cannot refuse an additional two inches.


If you plan to slice a lot of larger briskets and other large meats, the 14-inch Mercer Granton slicer is a terrific knife to have in your collection.


Both pitmasters and professional cooks hold Mercer in high respect. You may purchase high-quality Japanese steel that is inexpensive and simple to maintain and keep razor sharp.


You can cut incredibly exact, straight lines because of the blade's thinness and 17-degree bevel angle. We've already established that we love the Granton grooves, which prevent the blade from sticking while slicing brisket.


It's difficult to find many issues with this knife without being too nitpicky. Although you won't find superior materials at this budget point, the Santoprene plastic handle and Japanese steel are more than enough.


The 14′′ Mercer is a fantastic choice if you anticipate preparing numerous larger portions of meat.


The Dexter 12 Inch Scalloped Slicer Knife is the best inexpensive knife for slicing brisket.

Aaron Franklin suggests using a 12′′ serrated knife to carve brisket, even though we personally don't like to use them (off with the pesky bark!).


We believe Aaron likely has some experience slicing brisket because people wait in line for hours to sample his meat.


This 12′′ Dexter slicing knife offers excellent value for the money because it is typically less expensive than the Victorinox.


The scalloped serrations are made to damage food less. This is important since it makes the knife more forgiving for beginners while slicing brisket and helps you prevent tears.

Even while we are evaluating this knife for its capacity to slice brisket, it also makes a great bread slicer and can be used to carve any huge pieces of meat.


This knife doesn't win any beauty contests thanks to its white plastic handle, but what matters most is that it comes super sharp and has a strongly textured handle that makes it easy to hold. Because the scalloped blade is beautiful and high, it is quite simple to cut through fatty meat. It can also be used to slice bread or vegetables.

The distinction between a carving and a slicing knife

The phrases "carving brisket" and "slicing brisket" are undoubtedly used all throughout this site. What distinguishes a carving knife from a slicing knife?


A slicer will typically be thinner, more flexible, and rounded at the end whereas a carver will typically be thicker and less flexible with a sharp tip.


"Half-decent" brisket is not acceptable, as any true professional will tell you. The distinction between O.K. brisket and the kind that will make your neighbours talk for years to come is made up of all the minor things. How you handle the small things will determine the quality of your meat.


Slicing brisket with an electric knife

In the barbecue community, electric cutting knives frequently have a poor rap. Some individuals flatly disagree with them, urging us to "throw out the electric knife right now. Spend no time in vain.


We wished to know whether this animosity was justified and whether installing an electric knife in the kitchen served any purpose. Some of the main advantages cited by users of electric knives are:


  • Electric knives typically feature a bigger handle, which can make them easier to operate. 
  • Longer cuts are easier when you can rest the knife blade on your knuckle. 
  • Electricity can make the process much simpler if you are cutting large goods or ones with a lot of volume.


If all you're going to be doing is slicing for hours at a time, electric knives can be helpful, according to Texas Monthly's Daniel Vaughn:


The brisket probably isn't very tender if you hear the electric slicer running.


When you're working alone for hours at a time, electric knives make slicing easier, but I can't bear the noise. While in line for grilling, all you can hear when an electric knife is active is its whine. Additionally, it does little to improve aesthetics. Even though the brisket is wet, the shaggy appearance gives the impression that it is as dry as a bone.


But that's hardly a glowing recommendation! We were somewhat shocked to see so many professional and competition cooks using electric knives given the number of people who dislike them.


We believe it is good enough to recommend if it is good enough for barbecue competition winners.


There are primarily two grounds for this disdain for electric knives:

  • Many smokers appreciate conventional, age-old techniques. Similar to how using a charcoal grill is preferable to an electric smoker while cooking, using a manual knife to carve brisket is simply the "best approach."
  • Many electric knives are total junk. A cheap electric will always lose to a cheap serrated knife.


Some individuals also utilise deli-style meat slicers, however, these frequently experience the same problems as electric knives.

Cuisinart CEK-40 Electric Knife is the best all-purpose electric knife for slicing brisket

As we've previously said, there are many subpar electric knives in kitchens around the nation that you shouldn't trust near a cooked brisket. Paying a little bit more for a great knife will undoubtedly pay off in the long run.


Many competition smokers and backyard grillers favour the Cuisinart CEK 40.


Other advantages include:


  • Briskets and other roasts are readily carved because of the powerful motor and sharp blades.
  • The power cord's length of 4 feet allows you to manoeuvre it around whatever you need to slice.
  • The blade and knife are separated for simple storage in the provided wooden tray.


Additionally, many blades are included in the same box. One for cutting bread, the other for slicing meat. The Cuisinart's sole drawback is that, after prolonged usage, the handle can become quite warm.


Other than that, the only problem is similar to any other electric problem. It can be annoying for the cord to pass through the meat juices and can get in the way. Give the Cuisinart knife a try if you plan to carve a lot of meat over an extended period of time.

Most effective knife for trimming brisket

While our attention has been on the best knives for slicing brisket, you should definitely avoid using the same knife to prepare the brisket. A decent narrow boning knife is ideal for trimming brisket.


A quasi-stiff, curved knife will be narrow and sharp enough to easily glide the knife beneath the silvery, flabby skin and remove it without damaging the tender meat underneath.


While still being a useful knife you'll frequently use when preparing various types of meat, a blade between 6′′ and 8′′ works best for trimming brisket.

Smoke Kitchen's 6.5-inch Boning Knife is the best tool for trimming brisket

With this brisket slicer, the SmokedBBQSource 6.5′′ boning knife works flawlessly. It makes use of the same full tang, VG-10 carbon and chromium blade for the best balance and feel in the hand.

Maintaining your new knife

After purchasing a brand-new knife, the last thing you want to do is throw it in the dishwasher without first learning how to properly care for it. Through a longer lifespan, improved performance, and a decreased risk of self-cutting, learning correct care and maintenance pays for itself.


  • Knives shouldn't ever be washed in a dishwasher since the high heat and detergents used there can damage the handles.
  • Knives should always be washed by hand in warm, soapy water before being immediately rinsed and dried.
  • To safeguard the cutting edges, keep in a covering.


You have a number of alternatives for protecting the edge of your knife. Check out this general guide to selecting and maintaining BBQ knives in the interim. We prefer the Presto Electric Knife Sharpener because it is an affordable, basic sharpener. You can keep your knives razor-sharp if you take care to avoid using any downward pressure and concentrate on drawing the knife carefully across.

Let’s wrap it up

Although the Smoke Kitchen(SmokedBBQSource) slicing knife isn't the most affordable choice, we're confident you'll value the superior blade and handle. Any of the knives we've looked at will be a major improvement over any random knife you have sitting around the kitchen, though, if you can't justify the price


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