Steak Temperature Chart

From well done to rare, everyone has their interpretation and opinion of how much they like their steaks, and there's only such a slight temperature difference. However, because of the minor temperature variations, it is crucial to pay great attention to avoid missing the window of opportunity between a piece of meat that is just right and one that is overcooked. We'll explain how to achieve the desired temperature in this article.


How steaks come to their temperature


The outside of the steak always cooks more quickly than the middle because steaks cook soon from the outside. Getting a lovely crust on the exterior increases the risk of overcooking the center of the steak while you wait for the insides to catch up.


Once the steak is done, the meat keeps its internal temperature of the steak. This means that you have to stop the cooking before your desired doneness.


After the steak rests on the plate or cutting board, the heat rise will rise, and continue to cook the meat for a few minutes. After the steak is done resting, it should be nearly close to where you want to be.


Finish the steaks French-style by placing them back in the pan with enough butter and herbs to reheat them to your desired temperature. They can also be baked in the oven to complete them.


How to tell if your steak is done


A meat thermometer or an instant-read meat thermometer usually does the trick. While instant-read thermometers are great for taking fast and quick measurements, a meat thermometer is used to be left inside the meat while you roast it. Using any of them is the best way to get a true and accurate reading. 


Regardless of the size of the steak, Degree-to-doneness temperatures are frequently displayed on the screen of modern meat temperatures.


To record the temperature, insert the temperature rod into the center of the steak and check the temperature when you need to, don't worry. Your steak won't leave juice from being poked with a thermometer.


Steak temperature chart


When it comes to steaks, there are six types of readiness that most enthusiasts like; whatever you enjoy depends on you, but these are the recommended temperature we suggest that you cook the beef to enjoy a mouth-watery steak.


Recommended temperature to turn off the heat

Final cooked temperature

Well done 

154F / 68ºC

160ºF / 70ºC

Medium well

143ºF / 62ºC

140ºF / 65ºC


136ºF / 58ºC 

140ºF/ 60ºC

Medium rare

125ºF / 52ºC

130ºF / 54ºC


118ºF / 48ºC

120ºF / 50ºC


We always recommend that you take your steak out earlier than later. This way, you can always bring it back to the grill if you think it's not yet done because once it's overcooked, you can't take it back.


It might be hard to rest and "hang out" your steak while it sits on the grill or oven, but it's just a part of the process that's very crucial. You need to use a meat thermometer to probe if it's the correct temperature. 

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