What Is Angus Beef: Reason why it’s in So Many Burgers

With the spread of steak lovers worldwide, there's no wonder that Angus beef ads value labels in the product, but how different is Angus beef compared to the other types of meat?


What is Angus beef?


The name Angus does not suggest that Angus beef is superior to other types of meat or that it is organic or natural. On the contrary, Hugh Watson carefully bred cattle from Scottish native cattle to create the breed known as Angus in the middle of the 19th century.


As time passed, the Angus breed made its way to Australia. In the 1800's it came to Tasmania (also known as Van Diemen's land) and was nicknamed 'doddies' because they were 'dodded' (dodded means without horns.) "Dodded" cattle are fortunate to producers as they don't have to dehorn the cattle.


Angus cattle are typically red or black, being medium-sized muscular animals. As wheat and corn were introduced to their diet, Angus cattle became predominantly grass-fed later in life. This process is also known as grain fishing. Grain fishing enhances the marbling and flavor of Angus beef.


Why is Angus in burgers?


Here's a true-to-life story, Australian Mcdonald's popularized the "Angus beef burger," and with this, it became popular. So now, the sandwich burger is marketed in Australia, Chicago, Illinois, and upstate New York. 


It was then introduced at a time when restaurants all across the nation were competing for customers with a more demanding taste in an effort to counter the growing gourmet burger trend, which focused on premium Angus and Wagyu beef patties.


However, Angus' was quickly recognized as an "exclusive" or high-quality beef both globally and locally as it gained more exposure in the global market.


Since then, burger has been offered in different steak houses, pubs, and restaurants around the globe.


What is the difference between Angus and Wagyu Beef?


When comparing the two, you might notice some similarities between Angus and wagyu (beef from Japan.) They are both regarded as superior beef products and set apart by having a lot of marbling.


While there might be many similarities between Angus beef and wagyu beef, they are both regarded as superior products. While Angus came from Scotland, Wagyu came from Japan, distinguished by a high amount of marbling.


While wagyu can be made from various breeds, Angus is developed from a single species. Fans of meat claim a noticeable difference between the two in terms of flavor. Wagyu beef is more tender and softer than Angus beef because the Angus beef stems from their muscular bodies developed from the cold Scottish winter.


What to look for when buying Angus beef


Speaking to your local butcher is the most recommended way to get high-quality Angus beef as there is a range of factors to be considered that will affect the eating quality. These factors include the breed, age, and handling process. 


Ask your local butcher if the Angus beef is purely 100% Angus to ensure getting your actual Angus experience!

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