What part is Zabuton steak?

Zabuton steak, a lesser known cut of Wagyu beef, is quickly gaining popularity among steak lovers around the world. This flavorful steak, rich in delicious beefy flavor, comes from the chuck primal, specifically from the tender chuck roll area. The unique cut is characterized by its tender texture and rich flavor due to high marbling. Named 'Zabuton', which is Japanese word for 'little pillow', it indeed promises a plush dining experience.

All About this Wonderful Steak

Zabuton steak, translated into English as 'Denver steak', is immensely marbled and imparts a buttery flavor that steak enthusiasts can't seem to resist. This steak comes from the chuck area, which has limited mobility, thus contributing to its natural tenderness. The same cut, characterized by its powerful and beefy flavor, enhanced by its buttery Wagyu fat, offers a soft, tender texture with each bite.

The chuck, a part of shoulder blade, is having a moment in the world of cooking with unique cuts like the Zabuton steak growing in recognition. The higher marbling in the American Wagyu, Snake River Farms' top grade of beef, translates into a steak zabuton that needs just a high temperature grill or a searing hot skillet to make it reach the perfect medium rare temperature.

The Story Behind the Zabuton Cut

This Japanese beef steak is not as well-known in the United States as the USDA prime ribeye, another quality beef that is a staple on menus nationwide. However, the Zabuton steak is steadily gaining popularity in the beef industry due to its tender and rich delights that make every steak lover share review about its irresistible, quality taste.

The term 'Zabuton' refers to 'little pillows', as mentioned earlier. This name references the chuck roll's appearance and soft texture, enhancing the feeling of savoring a luxury dish. The term 'Wagyu', on the other hand, essentially means 'Japanese cattle'. The Japanese beef marbling score, which catapults Wagyu to the top grade, is looked after by United States Department of Agriculture.

Exceptional Taste and Health Benefits

In the realm of steak dishes, the Zabuton steak claims its place with its immensely flavorful steak and health benefits. Wagyu Zabuton steak, meticulously selected from healthy, grass-fed cattle, is high in Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids. Science affirms that these fatty acids are beneficial for heart health and lend the steak that much sought after, marvelously marbled, beefy steak suit.

Cooking a Zabuton steak is a joy on the grill; its tender texture, rich profile, and the magnificent marbling melt into a sea of delicious flavor. It's no wonder that this versatile cut is fast becoming the favorite cut among beef connoisseurs.

Cooking the Zabuton Steak

When it comes to cooking the Zabuton steak or any Wagyu for that matter, the culinary approach demands respect for the meat's natural qualities. The high marbling score warrants a careful cooking method, allowing it to be cooked just enough to render the fats and reveal the steak's true richness.

This unique cut of beef can be easily cooked at your own comfort - be it the traditional Japanese method or an American BBQ style. The steak, once cooked, releases into a buttery, delicious mush that promises an unforgettable dining experience.

Packaging and Delivery of Zabuton

All Zabuton steak orders, no matter where you are in the United States, are packed carefully with dry ice. Store owners prioritize packaging to ensure the quality lip-smacking steak zabuton reaches its destination impeccably. The process aims to keep the marbling intact and the tenderness of the steak preserved.

When you place an order for this special cut of beef, rest assured that the highest standards in packaging and delivery will be complied with. A store owner's number one complaint from customers is receiving defrosted steaks - something we meticulously avoid through our strict cold chain logistics that uses dry ice.

Unparalleled Tenderness and Flavor with Denver Steak

The Denver steak or the steak zabuton, without a doubt, garners a great deal of attention for its tantalizing, tender texture and rich taste. Its buttery flavor is incredibly inviting, and it showcases the full potential of American Wagyu beef.

Renowned for its natural tenderness and higher marbling compared to other cuts, this mouth-watering steak provides a real taste sensation. Its tender texture and flavorful richness are often associated with the Japanese Beef Marbling Score, a rating that sets the benchmark for quality steak.

Incorporating Zabuton Steak into Your Cuisine

Whether you have a passion for cooking or simply love a good steak, the versatile cut of Zabuton steak is indeed a delightful addition to any menu or dinner table. Due to the rich and delicious steak flavor, it pairs well with a wide range of dishes.

Don't be afraid to experiment in the kitchen with this wonderful steak. While it can, of course, hold its own as the star of the show, it can also complement various side dishes perfectly. Whether it's a zesty salad or creamy mash, the Zabuton steak can elevate the flavors of the dish.

While cooking, take inspiration from both Japanese and American cooking practices and create a fusion dish. This steak goes well with a hot skillet, and the high temperature grill can make it even more delicious.

An Everyday Delicacy

The Zabuton Steak, despite being born from Wagyu, a breed renowned for its prime status, isn't a cut that you need to reserve for special occasions. This hugely versatile cut can be prepped and cooked quickly, making it an ideal candidate for weekday meals as well. Hints of buttery flavor and a tender texture make dinner feel like a special occasion, even on a Tuesday night.

The joy of cooking Zabuton is that it’s meaty enough to stand up to strong flavors. Marinades such as soy, ginger, garlic, and even bolder spices such as chili are all complementary to the steak's depth of flavor. But, it’s also delicate enough for lighter pairings—think fresh salads or lightly grilled vegetables.

A Final Word Before You Grill

A few final thoughts before you grill this wagyu zabuton, remember to bring the steak to room temperature before cooking. This helps it cook evenly. To bring out the rich flavor, season your steak simply with good quality sea salt. Heat your grill or pan before adding the steak; this will help to seal in the juices. When cooking, ensure to turn it only once to retain its tender texture. Reach for your favorite marinade or a classic sauce to serve and get ready to bite into a piece of heaven.

Experience the Taste of Tradition with Wagyu Zabuton

The secret of the Japanese beef marbling score is in the diet of the cattle. The chuck area of the cattle, from where the zabuton steak is derived, indeed indicates a higher marbling than other parts. This is due to the diet and natural rearing methods used in traditional practices. This enormously contributes to the unparalleled tenderness and buttery flavor of the zabuton steak, something that a steak lover cannot resist.

You can make an authentic steak zabuton cooked on a high temperature grill, using the traditional cooking method from Japan. Or, why not experiment a bit and bring out your inner chef by coming up with your unique style of grilling this melt-in-your-mouth meat?

The Evolution of Zabuton Steak In the Beef Industry

Hailing from the chuck primal, the zabuton steak is more than just the classic steak. Over the years, it has aged like fine wine, refining and defining its place in the beef industry. With its top-notch quality and health benefits, it has been transformed from a lesser-known cut to a beef delicacy.

Today, the zabuton steak has not only gained popularity in Japanese cuisine but also found its space in Western cuisine. It has evolved into a delicacy that pleasantly surprises the palate, thus marching ahead in the beef world.

A Delightful Steak Encounter

The flavorful steak zabuton is a gem hidden in the vast world of steak cuts. The chuck has given birth to this versatile cut that has a unique story to tell. Whenever you decide to delve into the richness of zabuton steak, know that you are having a bite into the finest quality beef that stems from tradition, quality breeding, and impeccable flavor. This steak indeed promises an extraordinary encounter for every beef lover, one that is distinct and wonderfully delicious.


The exploration of what part is zabuton steak comes to an end with a note that the gastronomical journey it takes you on is just the beginning. There's so much more to the zabuton steak than meets the eye, be it the richness of the meat's flavor, the history behind the cut, or the recipe innovations it has spurred around the world.

Whether you're a professional chef or an at-home cook, the zabuton steak offers a rich, flavorful canvas for you to experiment with, promising a memorable culinary experience each time. So why not bring home this delicious steak and embark on an unforgettable taste journey with Wagyu Zabuton steak?


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