Is wagyu beef healthy - WagyuWeTrust

Is wagyu beef healthy

Wagyu beef is not only famous for its delicious taste, soft fat but also nutritious and healthy. Wagyu beef is higher in mono unsaturated fats, ome...

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Wagyu beef vs regular beef - WagyuWeTrust

Wagyu beef vs regular beef

The most expensive beef on the planet is unquestionably Wagyu. It is even considered a national treasure to Japanese. All experts and beef connoiss...

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How to cook wagyu beef - WagyuWeTrust

How to cook wagyu beef

Premium Wagyu beef has a high nutritional content with a characteristic tender, fragrant aroma that melts in the mouth. Many high-end restaurants a...

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Kobe beef vs wagyu - WagyuWeTrust

Kobe beef vs wagyu

Outline Introduction Wagyu Beef Origin and breeds Production methods Flavor and marbling Kobe Beef Origin and strict standards Pr...

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What is Wagyu Beef? - WagyuWeTrust

What is Wagyu Beef?

Many Michelin-starred restaurants include wagyu beef—an uncommon and expensive beef from Japan—on their menus, but many gourmets are still unaware ...

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