A Baseball Steak: What Is It?

A Baseball Steak: What Is It?

Perhaps you've heard the phrase "baseball steak" and wondered what it is. Well, with this top sirloin steak cut, you're in for a treat. Though circular like a fillet mignon, baseball steaks are tastier and less expensive.


We delve deeper into this rare steak cut, learning more about its origins, flavour, and availability.

What Precisely Is a Baseball Steak?

The top sirloin's upper section yields a baseball steak. This lean cut, which resembles fillet mignon, is thick and tasty. Unlike sirloin steaks, baseball steaks are butchered to yield a centre-cut top sirloin steak by removing the bone, tenderloin, and bottom round muscles. The top sirloin is known for its flavorful beef cuts.


Even though this cut of beef is lean, high heat doesn't affect its tenderness, making it perfect for grilling. It comes from the upper portion of this segment, making it a smaller cut than a top sirloin cut.

The Name "Baseball Steak": Why?

The shape of the steak cut is chiefly responsible for the nickname "baseball steak." The sides and centre of a baseball steak puff, expand, and dome while cooking to take on the shape of a baseball.

Baseball Steak and Its Other Names

This strong and delicious steak cut is also known by the following names:

The top sirloin fillet is the best moniker for a baseball steak. Despite being thin, this cut has a rich flavor—hence the name "fillet." When cooked properly, it maintains a remarkable texture and remains quite tender.

From Whence Does This Cut Come?

The sirloin primal, which is situated between the round primal and the loin and specifically the animal's biceps femoris, is where this steak is sourced from.


The baseball cut, which is a portion of the top sirloin, is best grilled at high heat. On the other hand, roasting or braising are great methods for using bottom sirloin cuts like tri-tip and sirloin bavette.

Nutritional Data for Baseball Steak

48 calories per ounce are found in a baseball steak. These calories are composed of 1.52 grammes of fat and 8.6 grammes of protein. A baseball steak includes important vitamins and minerals due to the fact that it is red meat.


Below is a table depicting the nutritional content of a cooked 3-oz top sirloin fillet.



Portion Size: 3 oz = 85 g



Total Fat

4.56 g


26 g


6.32 mg


2.46 mg

Vitamin B-6

0.521 mg

Vitamin B-12

3.1 µg


Source: USDA


Cooking Techniques

Grill this steak, ideally to medium-rare or no more than medium-doneness. This method of cooking preserves a soft, juicy cut while extracting most of the ideal texture and flavour. Avoid overcooking a baseball steak since you risk having a dry and flavourless piece of meat, as you should with all steaks.


For a baseball steak, alternate cooking techniques include:


  • Sautéing
  • Broiling
  • Pan-frying


To avoid obscuring the strong flavour of this steak cut, keep the condiments uncomplicated. The perfect pairing flavours are salt, pepper, and butter, as well as rosemary, garlic, or red wine.

FAQs About Baseball Steak

What Flavor Does Baseball Steak Have?

The flavour of a baseball steak is strong and meaty. It is a lean cut devoid of marbling or fat. When cooked properly, it has a wonderful melt-in-your-mouth quality and is soft.

Which Meat Cut Is a Baseball Steak?

Top sirloin steak is shaped like a baseball and served that way (it comes from sirloin primal).

How Tender Is Baseball Steak?

Baseball steak is a wonderful substitute for fillet mignon in terms of softness. Baseball steak is a thick, generally lean cut, but when prepared properly, it becomes extremely soft. If you favour a meaty flavour, it's an even better option.

Is Filet Mignon the Same as Baseball Steak?

Due to its form, baseball steak is frequently confused with filet mignon. Beef tenderloin, a cut from the short loin, is the source of fillet mignon. Top sirloin is where baseball steak is taken from. They are two quite distinct cuts. Baseball steak has more taste than fillet mignon, which is more expensive and less tender.

Where Can I Purchase Baseball Steak Online?

Baseball steak, which is a sirloin steak cut into a circle, is not a popular cut. This steak cut is typically available for purchase online from specialised butchers. Consider purchasing specifically from a local butcher or using internet butchers if you can't find this cut in your area's retailers.

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