Smoked Cream Cheese, huh!

Smoked Cream Cheese, huh!

You have definitely heard of the smoked cream cheese fad that has gone viral if you have spent any time on social media in the past year.


Hey, we'll be the first to say that when we first heard about the trend, we were apprehensive because it sounded strange.


But after we gave cream cheese a try, we were astounded by how wonderful it is. Additionally, it's one of the simplest dishes you'll ever cook on your smoker, making it perfect for events like parties and get-togethers!


If you're seeking inspiration, we'll give you three distinct options for this recipe, one of which has a fantastic nacho cheese Doritos crust.


With this creamy, smoky chunk of delight, be creative. The recipe is simple, yet the variations are limitless.

Making Smoked Cream Cheese: A Recipe

Start with a cream cheese block. Even if you are partial to the Philadelphia brand, you can use any brand.  Dutch Farms Original Cream Cheese is a great option, too.

1. Include a mustard or oil binder

Your block of cream cheese needs to have a binder added as a first step. This will make the spice stick better so that every bite has an even coating of taste.


Although you may make it straightforward by rubbing it down with some olive oil, I've discovered that I really enjoy the flavour that some mustard gives.


You can use regular yellow mustard for this preparation, but also Dijon mustard and, maybe, hot honey beer mustard, both of which are excellent.


Apply a thin layer of mustard to the entire block of cream cheese using a small basting brush.

2. Make a cream cheese score

Next, use a knife and make a crosshatch design on the cream cheese block's top. Technically, you can skip this step since it doesn't affect flavour that much, but it will increase the surface area for flavour profile and help the seasonings penetrate deeper into the block of cheese. Moreover, it looks much more beautiful in the end.

3. 'Tis the season of the cream cheese

It's time to season your cream cheese after it has been scored with a knife and covered in mustard.


You may use whatever barbecue rub or seasoning mix you like, although I tend to like rubs designed for pork or ribs because they frequently contain brown sugar.


The combination of the creamy cheese and the sugar's sweetness is truly delightful.


Get a bottle of pork rub on hand. It tastes fantastic on cream cheese and is simple to prepare.


Make sure to evenly coat each side of the cream cheese block with the rub before sprinkling it all over. The cream cheese is ready to go into the smoker once it has been completely covered in your rub.

4. Start your smoker and cook it slowly

Smoking cream cheese very slowly and at a very low temperature is essential. You shouldn't heat up your grill or smoker any more than 225°F. Usually, you may smoke it at 200°F for two hours.


You can use B&B Charcoal Oak Lump Charcoal with a Masterbuilt Gravity Series 1050. This may also be prepared on the grill or even in the oven, but you would lose part of the smoky taste that elevates it.


Your cream cheese should be golden brown and much more noticeable for the crosshatch scoring after around two hours. You can serve it right away with your preferred tortilla chips or crackers.


More recipes for smoked cream cheese

Smoked cream cheese is quite adaptable, as we've already indicated, and you can do some pretty interesting things with it. Following are some of our favourite mixtures that we've tried over the past few months:

1. Smoked cream cheese with hot honey

The PS Seasoning Hot Honey Chipotle Bee Sting Rub should be used as your binder first, followed by the PS Seasoning Hot Honey Beer Mustard.


Serve it with your preferred crackers and generously drizzle it with Mike's Hot Honey when it has finished cooking.

2. Taki's Smoked Cream Cheese

The cream cheese should first be seasoned with your preferred BBQ pork rub before being bound with olive oil.


Sprinkle the top with about half of a bag of Taki's that have been crushed up. When it's finished frying, put some additional Takis on the table for dipping.

3. Smoked Cream Cheese Doritos and Nacho Cheese

Begin by binding the cream cheese with olive oil, then season it with your preferred BBQ pork rub.


Sprinkle a cup of crushed Nacho Cheese Doritos on top after chopping them up. Serve it with additional Doritos for dipping once it has finished frying.


If you loved the Smoked Cream Cheese, stay tuned for more recipes.


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