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Welcome to WagyuWeTrust Wholesale, your go-to business for high-quality wholesale wagyu beef! We're proud to offer the highest quality wagyu meat, hand-selected cattle from only the most respected ranches in Japan and Australia. Our wagyu cattle produce beef of unrivalled quality, rich flavour, exceptional marbling, and unique texture. Whether you're a restaurateur, caterer, or a home cook with an appreciation for quality meat, you can expect a taste experience that surpasses the ordinary with our Wagyu beef.

What makes WagyuWeTrust your trusted source for wholesale Wagyu beef?

Competitive Prices

Our exceptional wholesale wagyu beef comes with unbeatable prices. We're committed to delivering the best value, ensuring you get premium products at the most competitive rates in the market.

Unrivaled Quality

Our dedication to maintaining the highest quality standards sets us apart. We source genuine A5 wagyu beef directly from carefully selected Japanese farms, and Australian wagyu to ensure a diverse offering of flavor and texture. Adhering to strict standard control measures guarantees our meats consistently meet the highest benchmarks in marbling and quality.

Offering Halal-Certified Wholesale Wagyu Beef

At WagyuWeTrust, we also offer Halal-certified Wagyu beef for our wholesale clients. Sourced from meticulously monitored cattle, our Halal Wagyu meets strict religious standards without compromising on quality, flavor, or tenderness.

Family-owned Customer Service

As a family-owned business deeply rooted in the heritage and traditions of Wagyu meat provision, we take immense pride in offering personalized, attentive customer service to each and every one of our valued clients. Recognizing the importance of nurturing enduring relationships with our customers is intrinsic to our philosophy, and we consistently go the extra mile to cultivate and strengthen these bonds. This personal touch is not just a business strategy but a testament to our commitment to our customers, reflecting our view of our customers not just as clients, but as part of our extended WagyuWeTrust family.

Free Shipping to Europe

We believe in hassle-free service and offer complimentary DHL Express shipping across Europe. Our goal is to ensure our exceptional Wagyu beef, including our tender Wagyu steaks and flavorful ribs, reaches your doorstep quickly and efficiently, without any added costs.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Your complete satisfaction is our top performance metric. We stand behind our products and services with a full satisfaction guarantee. If you're not completely content with your purchase, we'll work with you to find a solution that exceeds your expectations.

Excellence in Every Cut

Our wagyu meat, celebrated for its rich flavor, exceptional marbling, and tenderness, embodies our aspiration to be extraordinary. Our expert butchers skillfully cut and trim the beef to ensure every customer receives a deliciously tender cut. No matter the size or shape of the cut, you can always expect the best meat from our store.

Thank you for considering WagyuWeTrust, the 'King of Wagyu Beef', as your source for wholesale wagyu beef. We look forward to serving you, our valued customers, and offering you a taste of the finest Wagyu beef on the market.