Wagyu beef vs regular beef - WagyuWeTrust

Wagyu beef vs regular beef

The most expensive beef on the planet is unquestionably Wagyu. It is even considered a national treasure to Japanese. All experts and beef connoiss...

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How to cook wagyu beef - WagyuWeTrust

How to cook wagyu beef

Premium Wagyu beef has a high nutritional content with a characteristic tender, fragrant aroma that melts in the mouth. Many high-end restaurants a...

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Kobe beef vs wagyu - WagyuWeTrust

Kobe beef vs wagyu

Outline Introduction Wagyu Beef Origin and breeds Production methods Flavor and marbling Kobe Beef Origin and strict standards Pr...

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What is Wagyu Beef? - WagyuWeTrust

What is Wagyu Beef?

Many Michelin-starred restaurants include wagyu beef—an uncommon and expensive beef from Japan—on their menus, but many gourmets are still unaware ...

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